Inside the Liberty Wreck - Diving in Amed

Diving in Amed for €2!

Diving is an expensive hobby, as my mum likes to remind me. Even in Bali, which is usually cheaper, it can cost you €100 for 2 dives. So, when I heard that you can go diving in Amed and Tulamben for €2, I was very excited! Is it too good to be true? Well, there’s a couple of catches: The 20k IDR (approx. €2) is just for the tank, so you have to have your own gear. But you can rent other equipment, and still be paying far less than €100 a day. You also have to be a professional diver (Divemaster or above) or with a professional diver. If you’ve got those two things checked off, then this guide is for you!

Choose your dive location

There are loads of cool sites for diving in Amed. And they’re all shore dives! Which means you just gear up, walk in, and no need to pay for a boat or get seasick (woohoo!). You can look on the SSI or PADI apps to see where the dive sites are. Probably the most well-known is the USAT Liberty wreck, which was a United States Army cargo ship torpedoed by a Japanese submarine in 1942. There’s another Japanese wreck further down the coast as well. If you’re not into wreck diving, there’s tons of other options too. A lot of the sites may be classified more as muck dives, which are great for macro. Melasti Beach and Seraya’s Garden are really good for this.

Liberty Wreck - Diving in Amed
Liberty Wreck
Text the rental company

Once you’ve chosen your dive sites for the next day, WhatsApp the rental company to rent your tanks and whatever other equipment you need. I recommend using BlaBla, you can text them on WhatsApp here. They’ll send you a price list for everything, you tell them what you need, where you’re diving, and what time you’ll be there. Then you transfer them the money for the rental.

Go diving!

The next day you’ll find your tanks and other equipment at the dive site, on the shore, with your name on them. It’s as easy as that! Honestly I was so surprised and happy to discover the ease of diving in Amed and Tulamben. Make sure to check all the gear and air in the tanks. Gear up, and go diving! 

Nudibranchs while diving in Amed

Enjoy the rest of your day!

When you’ve finished your dive and seen all the wonders the waters around Amed has to offer, just leave the rental gear and tank back where you found it, hop on your bike, and enjoy the rest of your day!

Have you been diving in Amed or Tulamben? How did you find it? If you’re interested in doing your Divemaster, then feel free to read my post about what to expect and daily life.


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