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Liann by Kija Creatives It's a Smal World Travel
Li-ann by Kija Creatives

With 12 years of professional modelling experience ‚Äčunder my belt, I am skilled in the art of visual storytelling ‚Äčand brand representation. My enthusiasm and passion ‚Äčdrive me to create compelling content that deeply ‚Äčresonates with audiences. I excel at engaging viewers ‚Äčand effectively showcasing products or experiences, ‚Äčusing my expertise to elevate brand visibility and drive ‚Äčconsumer interest.

Additionally, I hold degrees in psychology and marine ‚Äčscience, which give me a deeper understanding of ‚Äčhuman behavior and the natural world. My extensive ‚Äčtravels have provided me with a wealth of experiences ‚Äčand insights, allowing me to show people the best ways ‚Äčto explore new destinations.

As a scuba divemaster and freediver, I thrive on ‚Äčadventure both on land and underwater, making me the ‚Äčperfect ambassador for brands looking to inspire their ‚Äčaudience with thrilling and authentic travel experiences.

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1 ‚Äčvideo: ¬£150
3 ‚Äčvideos: ¬£350
5 ‚Äčvideos: ¬£500
10‚Äč videos: ¬£850

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Social Media Management

I will takeover your TikTok/IG pages. This service includes:
market research, scripting, filming, editing, ‚Äčcaptions, SEO, hashtags and posting.
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