It’s a Smal World.

So let’s explore it!

Liann by Kija Creatives
It's a Smal World Travel
Li-ann by Kija Creatives

About me

Hello! My name is Li-ann Smal and I am a marine scientist, model, divemaster and freediver. I’m from Ireland but have lived, worked, and travelled in several countries all over the world. I had planned on starting a blog years ago but never got round to it. Recently, I noticed people were asking me for travel advice and recommendations, so figured it was now or never! I would love to document my travels but also delve a little deeper into the culture and traditions of the places I go, as well as expanding on things that I’m passionate about. Hopefully this little space I’ve created can help you on your journey, wherever that may be!

If you’re looking for my UGC Portfolio, please click here.

Recent Blog Posts

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